Monday, January 3, 2011

Au revoir (for now).

I've been taking more pictures lately and today I finally got around to uploading them. I think with everything that is on my plate lately it will be easier for me not to post them here though. I enjoyed the time I spent here and maybe someday I'll return. I think I will mostly be sticking to Flickr as it is far less time consuming. My username there is Accidental Song or you can click here for a direct link.

One more for the road...

Off my first roll with the Holga.
  See you around!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Summary

October came and went way too fast. I kept meaning to update but couldn't find the time. (Well, didn't make the time is a bit more accurate). So today I'm just posting a quick collage rather than trying to play catch-up like I originally intended. Instead I'm going to try and focus more on next month's endeavors. Which may include some film shots from my new Holga (which I am super excited about). My goal for next month is to make more blog posts than I did in July (13). 

See you next month!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i cross my heart & hope to die, these dreams of yours are gonna fly.

Lately I've been feeling lost. I've hardly been using my cameras. I don't go adventuring. I stay home with Dan every night. I feel like my lifeforce has been sucked out of me. Everything is at a standstill. I think I just need to try hardfer. I'm not ready to abandon my dreams yet.

Monday, October 4, 2010

change of pace.

Last week my friend Peter asked me if I'd be willing to do a shoot for him. His manager needed updated pictures of him in underwear. It's something I'd never done before but being my good friend I wanted to help him out. I was a little anxious, especially about finding the perfect location. I don't own indoor lighting, and trying to think of a good spot for the shoot, especially based on the content, was proving to be a challenge. Eventually I spoke with Adam from Bellamia Studios and he was nice enough to lend me his studio for the day. The finished product (although far from perfect) is something I am proud of.

This was such a new experience for me, I've never used studio lighting outside from my work. It was different and I had so much fun. Peter is a fantastic person and friend. I couldn't have asked for a better model and I look forward to hopefully getting to do this again in the future.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Royal Pines with Dan

 I unfortunately haven't been out with my camera for a while due to a number of different things. But about a month ago Dan and I went to Royal Pines, a nearby nature park. We had a good time, I tested out my lensbaby but didn't come home with anything that didn't make me dizzy looking at it. Here are a few of the shots with my regular lens though.

  Hopefully I'll be able to get out with my camera and post some new stuff soon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dan and I recently went to Orlando. We went to see Something Corporate, one of my favorite bands ever. While we were there I kept my camera put away, opting mostly just to use the Hipstamatic app for my phone rather than dragging a DSLR around with me. But on the ride home I took her out (clover, my camera). I also successfully turned a 2 1/2 hour drive into a 4+ hour drive by taking us way north of where we ever had any business of being. This did get us sidetracked to Cassadaga (the psychic capitol of the world) somehow, which didn't bother me any. The whole being lost thing didn't actually really bother either of us. The drive was way too beautiful for that!

The only picture I really got of Cassadaga. Now I want to go back!

Dan was driving...
...I was playing.
The biggest rainbow ever, caught very snapshotty through my front window.
Sunset and me in the mirror.

I always save my favorite for last, don't I?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I heart faces Week 34 - Beach Fun

 This week's challenge at I Heart Faces is "Beach Fun". Living in Florida how could I resist!

Hands Across the Sand 06/26/10
This was taken at the Hands Across the Sand rally in Lake Worth, Fl. There were actually demonstrations going on all across America's shorelines to stop off shore drilling in lieu of the BP oil spill. The line was 1,000 people long in Lake Worth and I was lucky enough to get to capture a small section of that line.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey there, Lanuria.

Dear Courtney,

     As I write this letter you are already getting settled in the Land of Snow and Cheese. I want to keep it short and simple and just say I will miss you in about a month since that is about how often we hung out. Also, I look forward to my new life as your e-friend. Now for some pictures!

You are always representin' Azeroth.

'splorin Lake Okeechobee.

Posing for me makes me happy!
Wonder who you're texting?

More posing for the camera.

And the guy who's stealing you away from me, well he's pretty cool (and he puts up with you), so I guess it's okay with me.

That doesn't mean Dan and I will miss you any less. Come back and visit soon, bring cheese, etc.

The three of us, adventuring.


P.S. Be happy I didn't post the embarrassing pictures. =P